Thursday, March 11, 2010

How far have I come?

Thought I'd make my first post with pics about where I started and where I am right now.
I had been wanting to scrap for years, but didn't really know where to start. My good friend Jo was right into scrapping and offered to help. Well eventually I got started, well sort of. We started with making christmas tags one year, and I never finished them.
Then I wanted to make my own address book, started that then the chipboard buckled with the glue and I gave up.
When Ethan was born my sister gave me an 8x8 baby scrapp booking album and matching phto frame so I made an earnest start. I foolishly decided I was scrap chronologically. My fist page was of us finding out I was pregnant.
Jo came with my to my local lss, Album Memories, in Port Elliot and help my hand the whole way. I had no idea what I wnated to do or even where to start. I had bough some el cheapo papers form the local $2 store. Not great quality but they were nice enough. 'We' decided to go with a green colour scheme. It turned out quite good. I thought I was so clever printing on vellum and then attatching it with eyelets!

We're Pregnant1

We're Pregnant2

From then on both mine and Jo's lives became quite hectic so I didn't have Jo to hold me hand as much anymore. I kept putting off scrapping because Jo wasn't there, but in the end I gained the confidence to do it myslef. I started searching the net and buying some mags for ideas.
I'm quite happy as to how far I have come so far. But I have sooooo much more to learn. I have started taking part in CyberCrops and Monthly Challenges, and they have really helped me to grow as a scrapper.
This is a pic of one of my latest pieces of work. It's for March's Sketch Challenge over at ScrapTherapy.

ST March Sketch Challenge





  1. OMG!!! This is gorgeous! So clever. So jealous. LOL

  2. Awesome Becci!!
    Your first layout looks like mine did..... Isnt it great to see how far we come!!!
    Good to see you blogging!!

  3. Looks great, Becci! So glad you've found us at Savvy and hope to get to know you more. xoxo

  4. It is looking terrific Becci...well done.It is a bit strange at first hey, trying to work out how to do this and that.Can't wait to see more in the weeks and months to come

  5. Hi Becci! Welcome to the blogging world! Isn't it great to look back on your work and see how much it's evolved? (My first pages looked somewhat like yours!) I look forward to seeing more from you.

  6. This is great Becci! Looking forward to seeing your updates.