Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farewell Card

A dear friend of mine who has gone through soooo much in this last 18 months has met a man that makes her completely happy! She made the agonising decision to up root the kids and move interstate with him a few weeks ago. They are all absolutely enjoying their new life and the kids are having a ball.
I made this card for their going away. I didn't want some soppy farewell card (there were enough tears as it was). I wanted to celebrate their new life together after all the trauma and heartache they had been through.


I borrowed my other dear friends Stampin Up! stamp set to make the house and clouds, used scraps of Bazzil that I had laying around, some cute little flower brads that I think I got from Cheap as Chips and a nice yellow button to represent the sun.

Take Care


  1. I'm going to ignore the words cheap as chips and scraps :P

    My Darling, it is a gorgeous card and it sits up on my desk here to remind me of the gorgeous friend I have had to leave behind in order to start our new life.

    Love to you always <3

  2. Hahaha was wondering if you would see that. Now I know you do check my blog :P

  3. Gorgeous card Becci! That little house is soooo cute! (I agree - much better than a soppy card!)

  4. As if I wouldn't be reading the blog of one of my best girls. Have you seen my photos? <3

  5. Um no *blushes* can you send me a link please.

    Have a gander down a bit too lots of LO's posted.

  6. gettin soppy in my old age!!!the stories beautiful that accompanies the card which is amazing.Well done Bec...............:))p.s u gota real eye for this huh,im in awe cos i have no craft bones in my body watsoeva!!! Carol T