Saturday, August 28, 2010

50 Posts!!!!!!! a giveaway and some sneaks

Yep 50 posts came and went and I didn't realise! Will have to have a bit of a giveaway for that I think.
But first here's another sneak.


What do you think?
Now don't forget launch time is this Monday the 30th August 8pm Central Austarlian time (Adelaide).

Now for that giveaway.
I have been giving lots of thought to colour combos while I have been hooking away for this launch. So for your chance to win a mystery giveaway of some crocheted goodies leave a comment below telling me what your favourite 3 or 4 colour combo is (Aussie entries only sorry gals). That's it, no promos etc needed for extra entries etc.
Entries will close at the commencement of the launch.

Take Care


  1. Hmmm...I have been thinking a lot about colour combos too! For some reason I am really liking red blue and yellow together at the moment. Good luck for Monday, can't wait to see all your goodies go up for sale!!!

  2. Im loving light blue, chocolate and cream at the moment :)

  3. These are gorgeous Becci, you are clever! I love purple which (I think goes with most colours) but like to use it with orange, pink, green and black, take careX:)

  4. They looking gorgeous!!! My colour combo would be brown, light blue, pink and cream!

  5. 'normal' fave 4 colour combo would be pink, black, white & red. But a recent combo I used and loved is grass green, teal, aqua and a splash of purple...yummy! XXX
    PS - cant wait for your launch!

  6. Love the hooked hearts!
    My all time favourite colour combo is bright pink, lim green, aqua and white!

  7. hey Bec - love these!! My fav colour combo is ...
    lime yellow,red and white

  8. hi, these are gorgeous!! I love bright happy colour combos and one of my fav is pink, green and yellow :-)

  9. They are beautiful Hun, and you are very clever!!!

  10. These are lovely!!! My fave colour combo is; ELECTRIC BLUE, HOT PINK, SUNSHINE YELLOW AND GRASS GREEN! :D

  11. Hi Beccie, congrats on over 50 posts!!! My fave colour combo is pink, grey and a hint of sparkley silver ;) I don't use is much myself but absolutely adore it if done correctly - so subtle and girly :)

  12. Congrats on 50 posts! Such a milestone! Colour combos are hard aren't they? I love yellow, green, red and orange. Is that too bold? I also love pink, brown, blue and cream? The choices are endless - good luck!!!

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  14. Hey Bec, absolutely gorgeous. I'm loving oranges, greens and yellow, but not necessarily all together, just love the colours.

  15. Hmm toughie, I love purple red and cream at the moment.

  16. beautiful work Becci!
    Great giveaway and cant wait to see the launch tnite!
    my fav colour combos would be pink and green and pink and brown for the girls, and brown & blue and black, red and white! xx

  17. Oh my would have to be brown, cream and light pink.

  18. Hi ya Becci :)
    My fave colour combo would have to be Red, Dark Pink, Light Pink and White!
    Totally loving your work, you clever little bunny!!!
    All the best gorgeous girl...
    See ya over at Top50.

  19. love the dark blues Greens and orange style.. both of my scrapbooks are for my boys so they are very boyish looking haha