Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eli's Birthday Card

It's The Stamp Spots 1st Birthday and to celebrate Marcia is having a heap of party games this week.

The first challenge to to portray what make you happy in some sort of scrappy form.
It's Eli's 1st Birthday tomorrow too! He makes me so very happy. We had a bit of a rough start with him so I feel very blessed to have him with us. he completes our family.

Here he is just moments ago. He'd fallen alseep after eating his lunch and a choc chip biscuit. Isn't he soo cute?

The new Alphabet Soup range from My Minds Eye is making me very happy too.
So why not combine to two for this challenge.

I decided to make Eli's birthday card with the pps and chippie shapes.

I used the  Star Bright pp as the base. Bordered it with some red ricrac. Added the chipped shapes. Used some Ksier tiny alphas then coated some chippie alphas in glitter and she was done. I just love this card it's sooo cute!



  1. love that pic, and love the card....... glad eli is healthy now.... i nearly lost ethan(my 12 yr old) when he was 9 weeks, so i know what you mean about a rough start

  2. That card is adorable just like your little boy!!! I too know what you mean, my kids have given me lots of grey hair!!!!! I am very blessed to have my 3 with all the medical emergencies and complications we have had - yes all 3, I have come close to loosing! But they are strong and healthy now :) Thanks for the crochet goodies, got them this week - they are beautiful!!!!

  3. Thanks Amanda and Colleen.
    We thought we'd lost Eli at 11 weeks too, dr think it's very possible he was a twin.
    Wow Colleen I can't imagine having medical problems like that.
    Think we should all go give our kids a great big hug and tell them we love them.
    Glad you liked you goodies Colleen. Wasn't sure which brown so did them both

  4. A terrific card Becci, Eli looks so relaxed and sated in that photo...too cute

  5. I'm loving this - don't know which is cuter, the card or Eli ... okay, Eli wins hands down!

    :) Marcia

  6. happy birthday to Eli!!! - love the card Becci - very cute and so is your little man... love that photo!!

  7. what a gorgeous boy.... happy birthday Eli :)

  8. hi there

    love that picture! sooo cute! my little boy will fall asleep anywhere!!!

    I was sent the uncle toby's hamper by a PR company, I must have come on their radar and it was a lovely thing to receive on my doorstep except the kids were ripping at the plastic before i'd even signed it from the courier guy!


  9. Thanks Corrie. He is a bit of a cutie!

    You care very lucky to receive that basket of goodies, a very nice basket itself too