Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gratitude 2011

Many years ago, when things were tough for my little family (was just Randall and I back then) I decided to keep a Gratitude Journal to keep my head up in the right direction.

I first discovered the idea watching Oprah many years ago. She was right into Sarah Ban Breathnachs books. So I picked up her Simple Abundance: A Day book of Comfort and Joy on my next trip to town. I loved it! I also bought her Gratitude book, but soon returned it when I discovered it was a glorified diary and for $20 (back in the 90's) I wasn't that impressed. So I bought a nice notebook and started my own Gratitude Journal instead.
It did the trick. Finding three things to be grateful for each day helped my  mind to keep in the positive rather than wallow in the negative which would have been sooo easy back then.

Many years have passed and I have learnt to be grateful naturally.

Then I came across this post (scroll down a couple of posts) of a scrapped Gratitude Journal by the very talented Monika Wright.

So I have been dreaming of how I would compile mine for the last few days. At first I was going to use scraps like Monika has done but then while blog searching I rediscovered Cosmo Crickets new range Circa 1934. It's such a gorgeous range but I didn't know how I would scrap it. It's not the sort of range that i would normally use. But wouldn't it be just perfect for my Gratitude Journal!

So I headed over to Handmade By Suzanne. I've window shopped in Suzannes online store many time but have not purchased until now. I couldn't resist taking advantage of the 15% off for first orders offer. So I made my purchase and am now eagerly awaiting my parcel.

I still have some purchases to make from a couple of other fave online stores ScrapTherapy and Annas. Hopefully I'll have these orders placed in time to have my journal together ready for the new year. If not it won't be far away.
I'll post some sneaks as it all comes together for you.
Now wouldn't you just love to create your own Journal of Gratitude?

Take Care


  1. What a lovely idea ... love love love it!!! I would LOVE to do this!!!

  2. What a brilliant idea...look forward to seeing your creation. Thinking this is a very good idea for the coming year :)

  3. This is such a great idea Becci, I can't wait to see what you come up with. I might even start my own, not that I would even know where to begin, not with things to be grateful for, but with the actual making of the journal. Keep us up to date :-)

  4. I love this idea too - I would like to try it too...just have to figure out how to start. Can't wait to see updates of yours.

  5. Thanks for highlighting my journal. I will have a tutorial up at the last week in December showing how to make your very own Gratitude Journal. I can't wait to see how yours turns out, please link me up so I don't miss it!

  6. I certainly will Monika! Thank you sooo much for your inspiration and I'm looking forward to your tute. Mines in my head atm, hope it turns out the way I plan.

  7. I can't wait to see your journal. I love love love the Circa 1934 papers, trying to resist spending any more money on scrapping supplies for the moment but they are sooo lovely.