Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November @Challenge Heaven

My challenge this month at Challenge Heaven is a Title Challenge.

Your title must be a mispronounciation and the extra criteria is to use a brad.

Here is my sample

My mispronounciation is "Wala" aka Koala. My boys loved to look for them while travelling the Great Ocean Road recently. My brad is a tad hidden, the sewing pattern flower is attatched with a brad.

Take Care


  1. Hey there!!

    Thanks for the comment on Maggie! She's almost two months old and I JUST posted her birth announcement! The kiddos are keeping me busy for sure.... plus my projects. I'm back to my blogging world now, I hope.


    P.S. I think Luke would love to visit Australia just for the koalas... he's a big fan! And he says "wawa" for koala. hehehe!